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Tool Belt, Pinny and Nail Bag for all Trades

Welcome to Taurus - Tool belts, pinnies and nail bags for hardworking tradies

At Taurus Leather Company we seek to combine the age old craftsmanship of the leather industry with the latest in computer assisted production and contemporary management techniques to produce the highest possible quality in goods and service to the customer.

We have a passionate team who work hard to ensure we produce the finest tool belts on the market. Although we don’t deal in one off “custom” tool belts, the designs for our tool belts have evolved from years of talking with New Zealand trades people and tweaking the designs to ensure you have the right functionality to make life on the job easier.

We love hearing from you at trade shows, online or phone calls, your feedback is crucial to ensure our products are up to date, comfortable and durable. We think our tool belts are the best in the world, they are designed to give years of use and some say they get better over time as the leather moulds to your body and tools.